Jonnie R. Williams

Co-founder Jonnie R. Williams Discusses Advancements and Developments of VISX Laser Eye Surgery

Scientist and patent-holder Jonnie R. Williams discusses the latest VISX, incorporated patents designed for the laser refractive surgery station.


An invention created by Jonnie R. Williams and colleagues, this surgery apparatus and system adopts an efficient and economical surgery station adapted for performing refractive surgery by corneal photoablation with a physician-patient interface more convenient to the doctor and less threatening to the patient.


How is this accomplished?


A surgery station keeps patients in normal, comfortable upright seated positions during refractive eye surgery by laser photoablation or VISX Laser Eye Surgery. “Refractive eye surgery has undergone significant advances in recent years,” says Jonnie R. Williams. “Even more recently, photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) has been developed and approved for use in the United States as a refractive surgery procedure.


There are different forms of use in these surgery stations. In one form, the surgery station has a base frame (or table), with the heat support unit mounted on. This could be as simple as having an adjustable chinrest or related forehead rest in a position to support and retain the head of a patient seated on a conventional chair. During this examination, the physician is seated relative to the base frame opposite to the patient allowing quick and easy surgical preparation.


In another form, the surgery station includes the head support unit and related optical examination instrument which is mounted on the base that looks like an upright support pole. This allows swinging movement similar to that of a traditional ophthalmologic exam chair. The unit and controls are on or adjacent to the frame, with a mirror that couples the laser beam to the exam instrument.


Making A Difference In Laser Surgery


The patent has a number of claims backed up by Jonnie R. Williams. These include the laser refractory surgery station in claim 1 where a laser beam compromises an ultraviolet beam with a wavelength in the range of from about 180 to about 215 nanometers; claim 2 where the laser beam has a wavelength of about 200 and 193 nanometers; claim 1’s laser beam also generates means compromising an argon fluoride excimer laser and the optical examination instrument comprising an examination microscope. Claim 1 also includes the optical examination instrument mounted on the base frame for use by a physician in a seated upright position at one side of the base frame generally opposite to the seated patient.


There are other claims attached to the patent which fully explain how the VISX Laser Eye Surgery enhances developments in this area. Jonnie R. Williams has been involved in venture capital start-up biotech companies for well over a decade where he has been a major shareholder or co-founder of LaserSight, LaserVision, and VISX. For more information on additional patents and treatments by Jonnie R. Williams and his team, visit

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